Multidirectional Spanning Tree by Spak

Piazza della Libertà

Our base is in Piazza della Libertà 5/B, in the ZKB Starter's rooms, an initiative organized by ZKB Bank for startups. In the building we have two offices, one for 3D printing and electronics, and another one with computers and books, where chat is welcome.

Tech Ops

In this office we have three 3D printers (two Anet A8 and a Prusa I3 Mk3), two desks for electronics and soldering, and another table for fixing and repairs. Our warehouse is plentiful in tools to disassemble things and pieces to mod them properly!

Chat room ("Sala Chiacchiere")

In this room we have few computers available for our members (thanks to our Single Sign On system). There's not only room for chats, but also for leisure! We have two PlayStations with a bunch of vintage games, sure fun for players (and people watching). For the most nostalgic, we have a Commodore 64 too.